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North America

We have been using the luminati product for about 4 months now. Given the amount of data we collect, we needed to find a more robust solution other than relying on a few proxies. We had tried other proxy rotation services but were constantly met with connection issues. We needed a reliable product, with a wide-variety of features and tools, as well as detailed documentation on how to get the best out of those features and tools.

The most impressive attributes of the luminati product are the same attributes we were looking for when shopping proxy rotation services – reliability (low connection errors) and detailed documentation. Luminati provides an extensive set of tools and features that is backed by the most impressive documentation I have come across in any software application. Not only do they provide documentation, but their blogs and webinars have proven most helpful when trying to understand and combat certain scenarios. Furthermore, the Luminati interface (LPM) is well designed with helpful tooltips to get anyone up and running within a short time frame.