• Simple

    Use our rotating residential proxies comprised of real user devices, making them undetectable when used correctly.

  • Extensive coverage

    Our service provides rotating residential IPs in every country, city, carrier and ASN across the globe.

  • No boundaries

    Scale up or down with ease and send an infinite amount of concurrent requests

72M+ rotating residential IPs across the globe

What our customers say about us

Luminati’s multiple networks, IP types and integration methods allowed us to not only improve but expand our data collection with support that went above and beyond our expectations.


Data center
+700K Data center IPs
from +95 countries
Static residential
85K Static residential IPs
from 35 countries
+72M Residential IPs
from 195 countries
7.5M Mobile IPs
from 195 countries
  • Pay as you go
    +72M IPs available
    per GB
    No monthly commitment
  • Experimenting
    20 GBs included
    per GB
    Monthly commitment
  • Starter
    40 GBs included
    per GB
    Monthly commitment
  • Recommended
    100 GBs included
    per GB
    Monthly commitment
  • Plus
    400 GBs included
    per GB
    Monthly commitment
  • High Volume
    1 TB included
    per GB
    Monthly commitment
  • Enterprise
    10 TBs included
    per GB
    Monthly commitment

Our service always include:

99.99% network uptime
Luminati proxy manager
Unlimited concurrent sessions
24/7 professional support
Fully compliant and patented

Accepted payment methods:

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