Luminati Unblocker

The first automated unblocking software to reach your target sites and get 100% success rates - no experience required. With our powerful unblocking technology just send one request and we will get you the most accurate data available.

Use cases

    Price comparison

    Aggregate and compare accurate pricing data from eCommerce sites to ensure a competitive advantage with geo-located IPs

    Travel Research

    Analyze Travel sites worldwide for well-informed and competitive price offerings

    Web Data Extraction

    Collect accurate data using IPs from across the globe, never getting blocked or misled

    Account Management

    Manage and collect data from sites that are difficult to access, without getting banned or disabled

Key Features

  • Automatic RetryAutomatically retries request upon a failed response
  • Network RotationRoutes requests through multiple networks automatically
  • Manages HeadersAutomatically adds and removes headers based on target site requirements
  • Manages CookiesAutomatic IP priming and cookie management
  • Country DiscoveryChooses the right country IP based on your request or target site
  • Detection and MatchingIntelligent detection of blocked requests based on response codes, content, and request timing

Why use Luminati's Unblocker?

Every target site has different mechanisms in place to determine when to block a request. With so many reasons that a site may deny a request or return misleading information, it can be time-consuming and frustrating to implement your own reliable data gathering solution. Let Luminati and its team of proxy experts do the work for you.

How to Begin?


Just make a simple request and let us handle the rest!

curl --proxy <username>:<password>

Getting Started is Easy!

Click here to get connected to your personal Luminati Account Manager and begin using the Luminati Unblocker today!