Use cases

    Ad Verification Services

    Verify advertisements and affiliate link compliance along with the absence of malware

    Price Comparison

    Aggregate and compare accurate pricing data for retail, travel, and eCommerce to ensure a competitive advantage with geo-located mobile IPs

    Market Research Services

    Analyze business and market environments worldwide for well-informed decision making

    Web Data Extraction

    Collect accurate data using 35+ million rotating IPs from across the globe, never getting blocked or misled

    Brand Protection

    Protect your brand and all online assets by ensuring proper use of copyright content

    Account Management

    Manage social media accounts without getting banned or disabled

What is a Mobile proxy network?

A Mobile proxy network consists of real 3G/4G connections assigned to individuals by their mobile carrier. Our mobile network is comprised of 100% real user mobile connections in every country and city across the world. Mobile proxies are the IPs of real-user devices, making them undetectable when used correctly.

Mobile IP types:

Shared IPs

access to our entire network of 7+ million IPs allowing for rotation between different countries, cities, mobile carriers, and ASNs worldwide!

Exclusive IPs

gives you the option to have a group of mobile IPs which you use exclusively for your target domain

How does Luminati acquire its Mobile IPs?

Luminati has an SDK (software development kit) that is implemented into applications. Luminati SDK provides an attractive alternative to advertisements by providing the app user with the choice to opt-in to Luminati’s network instead. For every user that opts-in to the Luminati network, Luminati pays a monthly fee to the application vendor, who passes that value on to the user by not displaying ads. The Luminati’s SDK provides monetization for the app owner while offering the user a better experience.

Key Features

  • Affiliate Link TesterVerify carrier or ASN specific direct billing campaigns and app promotions
  • Extensive InterfaceOur service provides Mobile IPs in every city across the globe.
  • No BoundariesSend an infinite amount of concurrent requests
  • Unlimited OptionsAccess to unlimited geo locations and no limits on the number of users
  • SimpleConnect to your Mobile IPs through our service’s Chrome Extension, Luminati Proxy Manager or API
  • Advanced Proxy ManagerControl how your Mobile IPs act with zero-coding rules

Why use Luminati’s Mobile Network?

Simply because it is the first, largest, fastest and most reliable worldwide mobile proxy network. Our network is fully compliant and can be used via back-connect while keeping a dedicated IP throughout long sessions, or rotating IP’s controlled by custom rules you can easily create!


Datacenter proxies
+400K Data center IPs
from +85 countries
Static Residential proxies
35K Static Residential IPs
from 25 countries
Residential proxies
+35M Residential IPs
from 195 countries
Mobile proxies
7.5M Mobile IPs
from 195 countries
  • Starter
    17 GBs included
    per GB
    Monthly commitment
  • Production
    35 GBs included
    per GB
    Monthly commitment
  • Plus
    130 GBs included
    per GB
    Monthly commitment
  • High Volume
    250 GBs included
    per GB
    Monthly commitment
  • Enterprise
    2 TBs included
    per GB
    Monthly commitment

Our service always include:

99.99% Network Uptime
Luminati Proxy Manager
Unlimited Concurrent Sessions
24/7 Professional Support
Fully Compliant and Patented

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