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Who is Watching Our Backs With Unprecedented Growth in Online Consumption?

Websites are in dire need of transparency, especially now when our digital lifeline seems to have taken center stage and is here to stay

CTECH | 25-May-2020

VMblog Expert Interview: Omri Orgad of Luminati Networks Talks Automated Data Collection, COVID-19 Affecting Data Domain, and the Ethics of Collecting Data

VMblog recently spoke with Luminati Networks' Managing Director of North America, Omri Orgad, to discuss the company's automated data collection platform, how COVID-19 has affected the data domain, the ethical questions companies face when they collect data and more.

VMblog | 22-May-2020

After Coronavirus, E-Commerce Will Reign Supreme

Even as restrictions begin to lift in some parts of the country, the likelihood that shoppers will return to brick-and-mortar stores en masse any time soon is unrealistic — especially since many people have acclimated to shopping for all of their essential needs online

RetailTouchPoints | 20-May-2020

We are facing a data revolution, say experts

Industry experts from finance, tourism, retail, and healthcare are predicting that post-Coronavirus markets will be more data-driven than ever, says Omri Orgad, Managing Director, North America at Luminati Networks

SME Magazine | 19-May-2020

How smartphone data can aid in the fight for early Covid-19 detection

Luminati’s data collection automation platform was able to calculate that 17% of the global population owns smart devices that carry the SpO2 sensor

TechNative | 19-May-2020

COVID-19 Disrupts Electronics Supply Chain

While the economy is still struggling, data from Luminati Networks and QuickLizard suggests that sales of consumer electronics such as tablets and laptops have increased 900 percent year-over-year due to the increase in people working and learning from home | 15-May-2020

Let data be your ‘go to adviser’ to guide you through the COVID-19 crisis

Or Lenchner, chief executive of Luminati Networks, explains why firms that can exploit live data will be able to re-emerge from the COVID-19 crisis with the agility needed to survive

Travolution | 14-May-2020

BI Science (GeoSurf) and Luminati Announce Resolution of Patent Disputes

Luminati Networks LTD., the leading global provider of residential proxies, and BI Science (2009) Ltd. (GeoSurf), the leading global provider of behavioural and advertising intelligence, are pleased to announce the mutual resolution of all disputes between them

BusinessWire | 13-May-2020