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eCommerce retailers in China begin to bounce-back following Covid-19 slowdown

Online retailers use data collection to gather intelligence that allows for the most suitable positioning and pricing of products. Luminati witnessed a 43% decrease in data collection from online retailers in China, which coincided with the initial virus outbreak. The latest data collected suggests China is starting to recover from the lockdown across the country. A 35% increase in data collection shows that eCommerce in China is recovering

Technology For You | 22-Mar-2020

COVID-19 Dos And Don'ts To Help Marketers Stay Connected To Consumers

Luminati Networks released data on the impact COVID-19 is having on ecommerce in China, providing insight into what U.S. businesses can expect. This data reflects retailers' business activity returning. The data is based on a timeline of COVID-19 events in China, which provides some clues to the length of time it likely will take for business to return in the United States, as automotive manufacturing shuts down and work-at-home mandates go into place in California and New York.

Laurie Sullivan | 20-Mar-2020

Why Publicly Available Data Could Hold the Key to Challenger Growth: Q&A with Luminati’s CEO

In this Q&A, FastGrowthBrands talks to Or Lenchner, CEO of data collection platform Luminati. Lenchner explains why it is so vital that challenger brands are tracking their ad content, and how they can use publicly available data to drive their business and stand out from larger competition.

Hugh Williams | 12-Mar-2020

Ethical data collection in practice

Ethical data collection is not just a nice-wrapping to a complex process – in today’s digital ecosystem, you must ensure you are using the best performance platform as well as the most ethical one. Ask yourself and your data collection vendor -are you truly compliant? Are you following every required legal regulation? Are you Intune with every industry standard?

Enterprise IT world | 11-Mar-2020

Luminati Networks and EMK Capital Respond to Teso Lawsuit

It has come to the attention of Luminati Networks and private equity fund EMK Capital that Teso has recently filed a lawsuit and issued a press release regarding both companies. Luminati Networks and EMK Capital disagree with the allegations made in both.

Keren Pakes | 06-Mar-2020

Retail Tech Innovation Hub: Interview with Luminati Networks CEO, Or Lenchner

Or Lenchner: I hear people say that data is the new oil. At Luminati, we believe that data is like water, meaning it should be transparent and available to all organisations and consumers worldwide. Data provides major opportunities, but also presents huge challenges. Businesses need to be able to wade through the huge amounts of irrelevant and inaccurate information online, if they are to access only the most valuable and relevant data to their business. Engineering this is an art and allows those analysing insights to make a real impact on a business’ success.

Retail Tech Innovation Hub | 04-Mar-2020

How can companies protect their digital advertising content?

When businesses can view the internet with the same transparency their consumers and potential consumers do, it fosters open competition. And open competition clearly benefits all consumers. It leads to better, more relevant offers, more attractive pricing as well as localised and tailored deals. It is very clear – consumers win from data collection automation (DCA).

Information Age | 28-Feb-2020

Or Lenchner, CEO of Luminati Networks, answers some key questions around content ads and data collection

Our mission as a company is to promote transparency. If a use case promotes that, we allow it. This is the simple guideline that has been leading us to date. For example, if a retailer is seeking to research its market in order to price their offers attractively. Price comparison promotes transparency, which promotes open competition which then results in better pricing for the consumer – a complete win for the market as a whole.

Growth Business | 28-Feb-2020