Luminati has been named the 2019 Global Market Leader in the Enterprise IP Proxy Networks (IPPN) Market

"Luminati was recognized as the leader for its proprietary technology that has revolutionized the residential peer-to-peer network (IPPN) and brought transparency back to the world wide web. With Luminati's industry leadership and focus on compliance, they have set the stage for the IPPN market for their performance, product innovation and competitive strategy."

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Data Center

The most advanced Data Center Network offering multiple IP types across the world in a shared or dedicated pool.
85+ countries
1560+ subnets
500,000+ IPs
Competitive Pricing
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Static Residential

The first static residential IPs network offering real-IPs directly from an ISP and owned by you for your personal use.
No IP rotation
Directly from ISPs
High success rates
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The world’s largest residential network offering 35+ million real-peer IPs in every location across the globe.
Country & city targeting
99.99% uptime
Never see captcha again
7-day Free trial
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3G/4G connections assigned from a mobile carrier to a real-user with carrier and ASN targeting.
ASN + carrier targeting
7.5 million IPs
Fast and Reliable
High Success rates
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A word from our customers

  • Click here to read more about eCommerce use case
    Leading e-commerce provider
    CALA region
    We’ve been working with Luminati for a little under three years. Initially, we tested several providers, from small to larger companies. Our requirements as a company are complex. We were looking for a flexible proxy provider to address this complexity. Luminati offered us different options and services which suited our operations. We have been using different configurations. In the end, we achieved the results we were seeking. Luminati’s operations suited our company in terms of traffic, stability, and security.
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  • Click here to read more about Web data extraction use case
    Martins Balodis
    CEO of Web Scraper
    We have been using Luminati for almost a year now. Luminati has a great API that is easy to integrate with our systems. Also, their offerings include a variety of solutions which address different business needs. We decided to switch over to Luminati for their proxy location feature.
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  • Click here to read more about Ad verification use case
    Adrien Fonzé
    COO at ExoClick & EXOGROUP
    Luminati’s breadth of software solutions, network size, and customer service allow us to offer the most professional ad-security testing with Adsecure, as well as being able to be the most reliable ad network with ExoClick
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  • Click here to read more about eCommerce use case
    Leading retail brand
    North America
    We have been using the luminati product for about 4 months now. Given the amount of data we collect, we needed to find a more robust solution other than relying on a few proxies. We had tried other proxy rotation services but were constantly met with connection issues. We needed a reliable product, with a wide-variety of features and tools, as well as detailed documentation on how to get the best out of those features and tools.
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  • Click here to read more about Web Data Extraction use case
    Data collection company
    We've been working with Luminati since November 2017. Our main challenge at the time was dealing with recaptcha on some links. We've explored the market and conducted some tests and Luminati's business results were clearly above all others.
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How customers use Luminati Proxy Service

  • Price comparison

    Retailers price their products algorithmically relative to competitor’s pricing. They use the Luminati proxy to scrape this data without being blocked or deceived.

  • Ad Verification

    Ad networks use Luminati to anonymously view their advertisers’ landing pages to ensure they don’t contain malware, or improper advertising.

Use Cases


Datacenter proxies
+400K Data center IPs
from +85 countries
Static Residential proxies
35K Static Residential IPs
from 25 countries
Residential proxies
+35M Residential IPs
from 195 countries
Mobile proxies
7.5M Mobile IPs
from 195 countries
  • Pay as you go
    400K IPs available
    per IP
    No monthly commitment
  • Starter
    900 IPs included
    per IP
    from $0095/GB
    Monthly commitment
  • Production
    2,000 IPs included
    per IP
    from $009/GB
    Monthly commitment
  • Plus
    15,000 IPs included
    per IP
    from $008/GB
    Monthly commitment
  • Enterprise
    100,000 IPs included
    per IP
    from $005/GB
    Monthly commitment

Our service always include:

99.99% Network Uptime
Luminati Proxy Manager
Unlimited Concurrent Sessions
24/7 Professional Support
Fully Compliant and Patented

The Advantages of Luminati Proxy Service